INWC Big Game Committee

inwc big game committee

The Big Game Committee works directly with the WDFW on numerous projects involving big game. Some of the projects we've done include: Bighorn sheep studies & transplanting, elk calf mortality studies (flying in helicopters, spotting cow elk with/ calves, capturing the calves, getting vitals  on them, putting  radios on them , and monitoring the radio signals & finding the calves if a mortality signal was received). We've assisted with capturing moose, adult elk, whitetail & mule deer and collecting vitals, radio collaring them, and tracking them.

Most recently, we've assisted the Turnbull Wildlife Refuge with their elk studies, which has resulted in a better understanding of elk damage to the plant species in the reserve, and some limited harvest opportunities for some hunters. In addition , we've helped in the Blue Mountain Tucannon area with elk & stock fence repairs, and tearing out old unused fences (which helps prevent wildlife from getting caught on them).

If you have interest in getting involved in these types of projects, please contac me.

inwc big game committee

Ken Hoff, Big Game Chair