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INWC Membership Information

The Inland Northwest Wildlife Council is the largest independent wildlife organization in the state of Washington and a partner of the Washington Wildlife Federation.
The Mission of the INWC is to act in accordance with what is best for all fish and wildlife species while emphasizing and maintaining responsible sportsmanship.
"Our commitment is to work for the betterment of fish and wildlife. To create a positive sportsman's image. To protect, create and enhance fish and wildlife habitat and the environment, with special attention given to our immediate geographical area"
The Council encourages and maintains a family oriented program with sufficient diversified areas of interest and activities for all ages,ethnicity and physical conditions.

We promote a harmonious relationship with other organizations who share our concerns and to extend our expertise and support in the furtherance of their goals.

INWC will advise and express our concerns to professionals in pertinent govermental agencies at all levels to futher our comon concerns.

We will be aware of how our activities affect our environment seeking always to protect and never damage the ecosystem.

he Inland Northwest Wildlife Council has many committees that represent all aspects of  wildlife management. Our members are our greatest asset to the organization. We welcome you to join the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council.


  • $25.00 One year (Family)
  • $60.00 Three years (Family)
  • $500.00 Life (Family) includes INWC Hat and Embroidered Jacket
  • $10.00 One year (Youth)
  • Be Active - Be Concerned

    Help Protect Your Sporting Heritage!

    for more information on membership(s), contact us at inwc@aol.com - 509-487-8552