INWC Non-Game Committee

inwc non-game committee

The mission of the Non Game committee is the furtherance of the clubs awareness and appreciation of all non-game wildlife. Our goal is to promote understanding and appreciation of the mammals, birds, butterflies and reptiles in this group and to effectively increase and/or enhance their habitats in the most natural manner. We share this information with club members and encourage their active participation by offering suggestions through articles in the monthly bulletin, and at selected monthly meetings to assist those interested in joining this endeavor. We encourage all club members to erect nesting boxes in their areas. We provide detailed plans for the building of bird boxes and nesting areas targeted for desired species. We give advice on the placement and maintenance of nesting sites, and provide specific plans and suggestions for providing safe feeding sites, and in the establishment of backyard habitat areas. We attempt to make club members aware of current environmental concerns that are enumerated by the major conservation organizations, including The Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, The Center for Marine Conservation, the National Wildlife Federation and others. We give "hands on" experience to those who accompany us in maintaining our bluebird box trails, where we demonstrate how to obtain positive results. We answer all inquiries and respond to requests both direct and through the club for non-game information.

Tom & Dianne Fischer