INWC Upland Birds Committee

inwc upland birds committee

Pheasants, quail, grouse, chukar, and turkey . . . . are you interested in the welfare of these game birds?

The major goal of the Upland Bird Committee is to improve habitat for all upland birds so as to assist nature in increasing the bird population.

To accomplish this goal, the UBC works year round with the WDFW and BLM biologists. Spring finds us supporting the shrub and food plot plantings. We also conduct a phesant chick program giving away chicks to  be raised and released by local land owners . In summer we do maintenance and build guzzlers. (We have installed numerous guzzlers that provide year-round water to birds and all other wildlife in semi-arid areas.) In the fall we fill 35 winter feeders in Whitman County with donated grain that we've collected. Winter finds us doing quail and turkey trapping and transplanting. These activities are done on both public and private land that is open to hunting.


For further information, contact:

John K Smith Committee Chair: 951-1199